Service Packages


1. Online tamil audience AV package:
This package supports to reach above 1 million tamil audience in 200 countries. This package includes Mukil FM, Mukil TV,, Flixwood and our special program uploads in youtube.

2. Online tamil audience banner ad package:
This package includes web banner ads in, flixwood etc., Slide ad - Slide with video link - Slide with website link -

3. Online global audience search engine package:
This package includes search engine optimization and search engine advertising. This supports you to bring your website rank to the top in the search engine and ultimately increases the website traffic.


1. Bulk sms package:
This package supports to send a promotional message as sms to many people in a region or as required.

2. Bulk email package:
This package supports to send a common letter to many email recipients. Common letter may have information about discounts, offers, new products gallery, service information or any related information to promote your business.

3. Bulk whatsapp / Telegram / viber package:
This package supports to send any promotional message or image to many people using whatsapp.

4. Blogs:
This package supports to keep your customers updated and to increase your website rank by posting blogs such as news about your product / service.

5. Facebook/twitter/google+ / Instagram / Flickr package:
This package supports to reach the target audience based on age, gender, specific interest, geographic location and so on. This package includes
Facebook/Twitter/Google+ promotion,
Facebook/Twitter/Google+ page promotion,
Facebook/Twitter/Google+ group promotion and
Facebook/Twitter/Google+ ads.

6. Email newsletters package:
This package supports to send email newsletters to many recipients to promote your business.


This package combines any preconfigured package(Global media) and any custom configured package(Social media) with an opportunity to sponsor any of our programs.

Social Media publicity Global media publicity
Facebook promotion Bulk SMS (A promotional information through an SMS message to common people wherever they are) Radio advertisement
Facebook page promotion Bulk email (Bulk number of emails sent to several recipients) Internet Audio / Video advertisement
Facebook group promotion Bulk whatsapp Web Banner Ads
Facebook advertisement Blogs Search engine optimization (SEO)
Twitter promotion Instagrams Search engine advertisement
Twitter page promotion Telegram lists
Twitter group promotion Viber lists
Twitter advertisement Email Newsletters
Google+ promotion Flickr Accounts
Google+ page promotion
Google+ group promotion
Google+ advertisement

Traditional vs Digital media marketing:

Traditional media Digital media
Limited audience Border free to reach maximum people
Expensive Inexpensive
Holds the attention of customers for a shorter. Retains the attention of the audience. Blog and video educates the client, so he/she can buy in future.
Static Customized in terms of content and customers.
One way communication. Interactive. More “Likes” for the product increases brand value.